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Vastu For Hotels

According to Vastu-Shastra plot for hotels must be chosen in regular shapes such as rectangular and square while shapes like hexagon, triangular or oval must be avoided to gain profit. Vastu for HotelHotel location should have atleast two or more roads especially on the North or East side Leave the portion of North and East open while constructing hotel. Hotel must be well ventilated, illuminated and large. Pantry or kitchen should be given South-east corner and other electrical equipments including geysers, meters must also be employed in this direction only. Kitchen should be constructed at Ground floor only. Visitor’s room should be made in South-west portion of hotel with beds placed in South or West so that they sleep with head towards South or East. Place balcony of hotel rooms in Eastern or Northern direction. Bathrooms and toilets must be made in North-west or West. Hotel premises should be huge and open to maintain the flow of positive energy.

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