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Astrology has been a matter of interest and curiosity to one and all as everybody has the anxiety to know his/her past, present and future. It has been rightly said that curiosity leads a person to know and face the challenges of the future. It is in this context, Kasturi Astrology is in this field that is Making of Kundli, and making predictions basing on the kundli and advising to perform poojas for overcoming the evil and the bad periods. The calculations are based on Vimsottari Dasa Calculations with 360 days as a year as per Hindu tradition. Under this method the predictions are more accurate. Kasturi Astrology is headed by Shri.V.S.R Kasturi who has been in this field for more than 17 years helping and guiding people to be aware and prepared for all the eventualities though the same can not be eliminated in totality, but the impact and intensity of the same can be reduced. Further, one can have a better understanding of his/her own self after knowing what is in store for him in future and what are all the areas where he can be successful and flourish in life.

Shri.V.S.R.Kasturi has the knowledge and also well versed in Poojas, Mantras, Strotas, Tantras and Vastu. He has been rendering his services to a large number of consulting firms dealing in Commodity trading in the Share markets and has been time and again proved to be very accurate. For catering the needs and reaching a larger section of the people, Shri.V.S.R.Kasturi has his own Web Site namely He can be contacted / consulted on all matters relating to self, family, relatives and friends concerning personal, professional and social matters. He can also be contacted at  and

Anticipating to reach people for helping / guiding them to make their lives good and have a happy living.

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