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Marriage Astrology Tips for Females
When you study the horoscope of a woman, you can be quite certain regarding the type of man she will one day get married to. Here are a few marriage astrology tips for females:

If there is no strength or planets in the 7th house, and instead, it's occupied by malefics rather than by benefics, a woman will almost certainly end up with a terrible man as her husband.

Should the 7th house be occupied by Mercury and Saturn, or owned by either of them, the husband will more than likely be impotent. If the 7th house is a moveable sign, and its lord is in a moveable sign, her husband will rarely be at home. If the Sun or Moon are present in their own sign, the husband will most likely be gentle with regards to his sexual activities. If it be Mars, husband would be poor and adulterous.

If the lord is present in the 9th house, and Jupiter is in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house, it's unlikely that the husband will live a long life.
The following combinations can also indicate the possibility of unhappiness within a marriage:

Lord of the 7th with Saturn or aspected by Mars. Moon is in 8th house, lord of 7th with Saturn or Mars aspect. Combination of the lords of 1 and 8 in 12 and malefic aspect of 8th. Combination of the lords of 7th and 8th in 8th with malefic aspect.

In Vedic astrology, which I personally prefer when it comes to marriage matching, astrologers will check 10 agreements factors in vogue:

1. Star order number of bride and groom

2. Gana

3. Mahendra

4. Stree Dirgha

5. Yoni

6. Rasi

7. Lord of Rasi

8. Vasya

9. Rajju


With that said, Nadi, which is an additional one, is usually also included. Of course it should also be mentioned that these are all vedic astrology terms. Once all these factors have been verified, a percentage can be obtained. A minimum of 18 points suggests that 50% is likely to be good for agreement.

Now for the question which almost everybody asks - Can you change things? Unfortunately there is absolutely no way a person can alter the planetary positions within their horoscope.

There are however a number of remedies which one can take advantage of. For example, if you speak to an astrologer who has experience in marriage astrology, they will be able to offer you valuable guidance as far as marriage is concerned, and this guidance can be even more beneficial if you take advantage of it prior to getting married.

If on the other hand you are already married, an experienced astrologer will be able offer advice if there are any signs of a mismatch.

Astrologers are dedicated individuals who spend a great deal of time studying in order to ensure marriage astrology remains accurate. Yes, you will need to pay a small fee, but it's a negligible amount when one considers how valuable the results can be.

1,6,10,8,12 Houses for Divorce

2. Significators of houses 2,7,11 are to be considered for marriage and the houses 6,12,10,8 are for divorce.

3. For marriage significators of houses 2,7,11 are beneficial; for divorce, 6,10,12 and 8 are beneficial and houses 1,6,10 and 8 are not favorable for marriage.

4. Separation from the partner due to disharmony or difference of opinion is to be considered by 1,6,10 houses only and 8 is also to be considered, if quarrel is involved. Finally to get divorce after long quarrel and fighting in court 1,6,10,8,12 houses are to be considered.

1,6,8,10,12 houses are detrimental for marriage and matrimonial life which may head towards divorce. Divorce with mutual consent is possible without 8 and 12 houses.

5. House 8 (house of sex) and 12 (bed comfort) are required for marriage and sexual pleasure.

8th House in Support of Divorce

6. Hence 8th house (quarrel, disappointment) is found in support of divorce but not in support of marriage although it does not negate marriage and not threaten separation from the partner.

7. However, some KP astrologers are of the view of that signification of houses 5 and 8 by the 7th cusp sub lord can also give marriage since 5th is 11th to the 7th and 8th is 2nd to 7th.

Considering 5th house for marriage in the case of love marriage is understandable.

Capable KP astrologers taking 8th house for marriage without signification of 2,7,11 are rare to find in the KP literature in English.

8. According to other theories, Four Step theory considers 5th house (11th to 7th) and 8th house (2nd to 7th) as supporting houses for marriage, in addition to 2,7,11 main houses.

Cuspal Interlinks theory considers 5,7,11 houses for marriage and 2nd house is not taken as a house of danger and death to the 7th house; in System Approach (SA), 8th house is considered as one of many marriage significators.

Promise of Marriage

9. The 7th cusp sub lord indicates whether marriage is promised or not. If marriage is promised, the required significators of DBA lords point the time of marriage when it agrees with transit.

10. In judging whether marriage is promised or not, only 2,7,11 houses are preferable to consider. Basically marriage can be denied, if 7th cusp sub lord signifies only 1,6,10, 4 negative houses without signification of any of 2,7,11 marriage houses. As long as 7th cusp sub lord signifies any of marriage houses, marriage cannot be denied even though negative house are signified. And so marriage denial may not be judged effectively, if more houses other than 2,7,11 are considered for marriage.

Timing of Marriage

11. In fixing timing of marriage (DBA), food for thought is that more houses other than 2,7,11 can be involved in all kinds of capacities depending on specific circumstances, for instance 5 for love marriage, love affairs, fulfillment of pleasure, 8 for sexual enjoyment, dowry, father’s expenditure for her wedding, 3,9 (3rd from 7th) for negotiation or contract for marriage, 12 for bed comfort, 3, 9 or 12 houses for a bride leaving her parents’ residence to join the bridegroom’s family in a far place or foreign country in the case of marriage to foreigner.

12. DBA is not applicable for events which are to happen in a day or two i.e. daily events. Analysis of DBA is essential for not only in fixing timing of marriage but also in judging marriage denial. Because promise of marriage cannot be materialized, if signifiors of Dasa lords are not fruitful for marriage during marriageable age of native.

13. The most commonly used Vimshottari dasa system of Maharishi Prashara is one of three pillars of KP for calculation of subs and forecasting system.

14. General rules cannot not fit to each and every event of a natal chart. A cent percent accuracy in the astrological prediction would be possible, if and only if everything in one’s life is predestined at the moment of birth by past Karma. However, as a compromise, the results of one’s limited free will in this lifetime may not be denied within the fated effects present at birth through the planetary positions in his or natal chart according to past Karma.

Muhurat may be helpful to get the desirable results of free will. Moreover, Horary or Ruling Planets also may not guarantee to all to be always helpful.

Bottom Line

15. The bottom line is that 100% correct prediction cannot be given with the literature available and with the knowledge that we may gain by studying them alone.

Divorce (Matrimony) in Astrology

We all want to be happily married and want a good partner in life, but this may not happen with everyone. Nowadays there are many people who suffer from this tragedy which nobody wants. What are the cause of divorce, what could be the reasons for this situation astrologically. . If we look generally what can be the reason for divorce in marriage.

Disharmony in relationship, conflicting nature, no agreement, fighting with each other.

Flirting nature of husband or wife.

Living distantly due to work or any other reason and getting involved with another person.

Extramarital affair of anyone.

Loss of interest in each other with time.

7th house represent marriage house. Any affliction to 7th house makes married life difficult  and in severe cases leads to divorce. There are  many combinations of planets which causes  divorce as only one planet damaged can not give divorced. Saturn is the biggest reason for divorce in astrology . Saturn is the planet of teaching about life. It wants us to teach a lesson where it sits, if it is sitting in 7th house it means he wants the person to mature about relationship things. It always want a person to marry late, but if the person marry early it end up in divorce no matter whether Venus or Jupiter is sitting with Saturn.

The people who have Saturn energy in their 7th house should marry late around 28 or 30 years of age.

The other reason for divorce is planet Mars. Mars is the individualistic planet, it always fight for its rights. But when we are in relationship, individualism does not sound good. Mars in 7th house brings lot argument with partner which cause divorce. But it should be in certain signs. It is called manglik dosha in astrology.

Another reason is planet Sun in the 7th house. Sun is the planet of ego and pride, it bring the partner who is very egoistic. Due to egoistic nature of the partner there is lot of disharmony in relationship therefore ego can also leads to the divorce if the person is not mature.

Venus is the planet of marriage and relationship. Venus debilitated in 7th house, Venus is hemmed between the malefic planets like Rahu and Ketu or Saturn and Mars it could also lead to the divorce. Debilitated Venus in 7th house put lot of criticism to partner which leads to divorce.

There are other combinations also like if the partner is not loyal or flirt. Rahu in the seventh house makes person to like many partners it may also be a reason for the divorce until any benefic planet sitting with it.

Ketu in the 7th house makes person not interested in marriage and if they marry they may end up in divorce, but if any benefic planet influence Ketu it may change the result.

7th house lord sitting in 6th or 12th house makes person marry a person who may sick or away due to some work or any other reason also cause divorce.

The above explanations should be in combination then a divorce can happen.

e.g if someone have Virgo ascendant, Sun in 7th house, Venus surrounded by malefic planets like Mars Saturn and Ketu can give divorced.

There are many reasons which can cause divorce. We should always check D-9 chart before concluding the analysis.

If we can understand which energies within us makes us take divorce we can prevent it. Astrology is a way to help people understand them better and live life happily.

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