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Vastu For Independent House

Choose rectangular or square plot to construct multi-storey building. Entrance of building should be made in East or North. There should be much more space towards North-east while here playground or lawn can be constructed to use the space properly. North-east in multi-storey building should be sloped while South-west portion should be raised. Avoid planting huge trees just near the multi-storey building but they can be planted at some distance. Avoid any obstruction in the entrance gate of multi-storey building. Under-water tank or borewell should be constructed in North-east while over-head tank can built in South-west. Dumping room or store room for waste materials must be made in South-west. Toilets in multi-storey building must be made in North-west or West. Bathroom can be constructed in North-east or North-west but make sure water drainage from bathroom is made in North-east. Rooms in the multi-storey building made facing East so that morning sunlight rays falls in the room. Stairs in multi-storey building must be made in South or West portion. Open patio or balcony must be given in East or North.

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