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Financial Astrology

The natal horoscope is a portrait of a person's life. Health, Wealth, Career and Marriage are the major issues which are of concern to all of us. Today we are living in a materialistic society, therefore, Wealth gets prime importance to everybody. For getting all comforts, we need money in abundance.

There are various ways by which a person can acquire wealth. Some people are born with silver spoon in their mouth and they get all comforts by virtue of luck or Raj yogas in their horoscope. Some people work hard, some use their intelligence, some resort to black marketing, smuggling and all sorts of illegal means to get wealth.

The 2nd and 11th houses are mainly responsible for finance. Lagna, 9th and 5th houses also play important roles. Even 10th house, Jupiter and Moon are important for finance.

The person is a pauper ever since his birth and lives by alms if the lords of the 2nd and 11th houses are placed in 6, 8 or 12 along with malefics. The association or affliction of 6th, 8th or 12 house destroy the ambitious effects of wealth or dampen the financial prospects. The lord of 2nd with lord of 9th occupying the 11th with Moon and Jupiter will make a native a millionaire. Lord of Lagna in a decent position is itself a great asset which sustains a person throughout his life. The best place for Lagna Lord to occupy is the Lagna itself. Even strong Sun at a benefic place from the lord of Ascendent is a great asset.

The 2nd house itself, lord and Jupiter represent accumulated wealth. The association of the 1st, its lord and the sun with the second and its lord increases the natives wealth through his own efforts. If the 9th, its lord and the significators Sun and Jupiter are related to them, wealth is inherited. According to the Bhavarth Ratnakar, the native is rendered poor if the 2nd lord occupy the 12th and 12th lord is placed in the Lagna aspected by a Marak or a malefic planet.

11th house is the house of gains and rules income. The 11th and its lord along with Jupiter must be strong to generate wealth. According to the Sarvartha Chintamani, if a benefic occupy 11th house, the native gets wealth through honest and novel means. If the malefic is in the 11th house, the native resorts to unfair and unscrupulous methods of earning. The source of gains and incomes can be known through the nature of the planet from the Bhavas related to the 11th, its lord and its significators. For example 7th lord and its Karak Venus associated with 11th may help the native to gain through the spouse.

The 9th house represents fortunes and, therefore, if the 9th house, its lord, Sun and Jupiter are strong and associated with good houses, planets, luck favours the native with financial prosperity. When the 9th lord is placed in the 1st house of Lagna lord is in 9th house, the native is a self made person.

The 10th house is to be examined regarding native's professional and financial opportunities as it rules livelihood. If the 10th house and its lord and the significators (Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury) are strong, the native occupy a respectable occupation which helps in improving the financial status. There are a large number of Yogas which have been described in the various Astrological texts. Even the Panch maha Purush Yogas bestow special characteristic.

Some important combination for wealth :

Lord or 10th house occupying 5th house will prove a great asset for a native bestowing abundant wealth which will never leave him.
Laxmi Yogas : If lord of Lagna is powerful and lord of 9th house occupies own or exaltation position in Kendra or Trikona.
One who has strong Sun in Horoscope can never be mean, vicious, criminal or untrustworthy. Therefore, he can not adopt wrong means for livelihood.
If lord of 2nd and 11th be placed or related with 6th/8th/12th while Mars is in 11th and Rahu is in 2nd, native will loose his wealth on account of royal punishment.
If Lagna, the lord and Sun are weak or afflicted and also have the association with Rahu or a malefic, the very foundation of Horoscope is deeply shaken, The native suffers setbacks in his financial matters owing to wrong decisions.
Other important factors which are to be examined for wealth are ;

Rashmi Kiran
Divisional Chart (Hora, Navamasa and Dasamamsa)
Good indications are obtained from the Hora Chart regarding the flow of wealth in a particular Dasha period. During operational period of planets placed in a Hora of Sun, person has to make efforts to earn and accumulate wealth. During the period of planets placed in the Hora of Moon earning and accumulation come naturally without must efforts.

In the Navamamsa Chart, Vargottam planets play very important role and according to the Astrological texts they cause Raj Yoga and bestow very good results.

In Dasamamsa Chart, Lagna assumes a tremendous significance. If Lagna is aspected by benefic it becomes strong and in that case it may be presumed that the career of the native stands on a good foundation.

If powerful Sun is posited in upachaya houses aspected by the Jupiter, native is likely to get recognition and eminence in his career. Planets in 10th house in Dasamamsa Chart during the ruling period better the prospects of once career. The period of planets in kendra in Dasamamsa will be a milestone in one's career.

Besides being significators of wealth, the operating planetary periods of the lords of the houses which contain mooltrikona signs indicate the sources of finance - be it through inheritance, business, service, investments, etc. If also strong in transit, the strong planets generate good finances during the course of their operating periods. When the dhanakaraka, acting as a functional malefic, forms close conjunction/aspect with other planets or the most effective point of any house, instead of being helpful it would be detrimental for growth.

A strong lord of the first house, depending upon the planet, gives good finances through initiative and drive. The planets, the Sun and the Moon indicate executive posts with the State/Govt. while the planets Mercury and Venus indicate financial gains through business ventures including trading. The planets Mars and Saturn involve one in manufacturing industries/production units, while Jupiter engages one in the service of state as a professional adviser in the fields of law and finance or as a practising lawyer or a Chartered Accountant, if the planet Mercury is supporting, being strong in the chart. Hereafter, we refer to the lords of various houses being strong and well placed. 'Well placed' would indicate any of the houses except the sixth, eighth and twelfth houses. The lord of the second house containing a mooltrikona sign gives financial gains through status, investments and family wealth. Similarly, the lord of the third house indicates financial gains through the fields of communications, publications and through entrepreneurial activities.

The lord of the fourth house indicates gains through business in the fields of items of luxury-including properties and vehicles, hotel management and education. The lord of the fifth house gives financial gains through work in teaching, training and development organisations, research organisations, etc. The lord of the sixth house when not afflicting any other natal planetary position or the MEP gives financial gains through legal, financial and medical professions. The lord of the seventh house indicates gains through partnership business, the items of luxury, import-export and trading- especially in the fields of cosmetics and exclusive items of personal grooming. The lord of the eighth house, without causing any affliction, when strong, gives gains through inheritance, winning in the games of chances and through draw of lots. The lord of the ninth house blesses with financial gains through parental wealth and status, working in religious/spiritual organisations and working with export-import organisations. The lord of the tenth house gives executive status with the state or business, in case the concerned planets are strong. The lord of the eleventh house gives gains through elder brothers, friends and through the signification of the houses where the lord of the eleventh house is placed. The strong and unafflicting lord of the twelfth house gives financial gains in foreign lands and through the business of luxury items.

If the significator planets are weak, even if they take the person to the business/profession/service indicated by these planets, or the significations of a particular house, the results would be poor and will cause financial strains. Weak planets, when afflicted by the functional malefic planets, cause severe financial strains.

The 4th, 8th, and 12th house are the Karmic houses. These houses are also the water sign houses and the houses in one's horoscope that most affect your finances and prosperity.

The 4th house which is ruled by the Moon, is the house that deals with the income needed to provide for one's daily needs,and household expenses, such as food and rent. Just as the Moon changes signs this house and it's ruler, the Moon can fluctuate and change. The 4th house is a wealth building house. accumulation of property and assets is ruled by your 4th house. The 8th house deals with banking and credit and also other's money to which we have access to, such as a spouses income, or inheritance. It rules debt and all of our subconscious urges. Since money can be a very personal thing, the 8th house then, rules these very personal feelings towards possessions. It's where we are selfish! The 8th house is ruled by the planet Pluto. The 12th house is a serious house because it deals with debt, financial debt and karmic debt. It rules fears, and our ability through faith and belief to overcome our fears which debilitate us.

The 12th house is ruled by Neptune, and explains how we interact with reality, fantasy, and belief in what we cannot see, faith. Normally debt has to be cleared or dealt with before we can move on to the future. We usually are not allowed to proceed forward or we are somehow blocked and given ample chances for clearance, from moving on to the future before we have dealt with the debts of the 12th house and the past.

To develop a fuller understanding of the astrological chart with regards to our financial situation, you look to the houses, planets in the houses, then, where the ruler of the house is located and how those particular planets are aspected. are they stand alone planets, are they aspected by trines, indicating ease or laziness. Are they aspected by squares which indicate challenges and also determination.

Money earned through honest means and by abiding laws of the land is of no harm to anybody. In fact, the wealthy persons like industrialists, bankers, capitalists, entrepreneurs and so on in the private sector are capable of doing more social services by way of providing employment to many, by participating in developmental activities, health care, etc.
In astrological parlance, the horoscope and the planetary positions there in is the sole indicator of the level and extent of financial prosperity of a person or an individual. Astrologically individual horoscope can throw light whether a person would become a wealthy and lucky enough or just remain as penniless or poverty ridden.

A horoscope is promising which has many Yogas (planetary combinations) for wealth and status. In Vedic astrological term, the planetary combinations for wealth is referred to as ‘Dhan Yogas’ whereas planetary combinations for status is termed as ‘Raj Yogas’ or ‘Raja Yogas’. A list indicating ‘Dhan Yogas’ commonly found in the horoscopes of wealthy and well-to-do persons is described below:-


This planetary combination for wealth has two variations, which are, (i) Ninth Lord from Lagna is placed in a Kendra/Trikone identical with his sign of Exaltation or own sign and Lagna/Lagna Lord is strong. Or, (ii) The other version of this Dhan Yoga is that Lagna and Ninth Lord should together aspect Lagna. In the second version, result giving capacity of this Dhan Yoga would obviously get enhanced if the aspecting Lagna Lord and Ninth Lord is posited in their respective signs of Exaltation or Mooltrikona signs or in own signs identical with Kendra / Trikone / 2nd or 11th houses from Lagna.

Natural benefic planets Jupiter, Venus and Mercury (unafflicted) should occupy Upachaya Houses which are 3/6/10/11 jointly or severely from Lagna or Moon. If the Upachaya Houses occupied by these three planets happen to be either the signs of Exaltation or Mooltrikona or Own Sign, resulting giving capacity of Vasumati Yoga become strongest, stronger and strong respectively.

This planetary combination for wealth has, in fact, three variations, and are formed if (i) Mars and Moon posited together in a sign preferably identical with Kendra / Trikone / 2nd or 11th house and still better if either one of them is Exalted or in Mooltrikona sign or in own sign. Or, (ii) If Mars and Moon are in mutual Kendra and both are posited in houses / signs identical with Kendra / Trikone / 2nd or 11th houses. For example, if in case of Tula Lagna (Libra Ascendant), if Mars is posited in sign Capricorn which is its sign of exaltation and fourth house sign (a Kendra / Quadrant) counting from Lagna and simultaneously Moon is posited in sign Cancer which is her own sign and tenth house sign (a Kendra) from Lagna. Such kind of a Chandra – Mangal Yoga, as illustrated above, if formed in a horoscope has the potential to take a person to dizzy height of financial prosperity especially during the Dasha period of either Moon or Mars provided there is no other strong negating astrological factor exist in the horoscope capable of in-effectuating such a high level of planetary promises for financial prosperity. Or, (iii) If Mars and Moon has mutually exchanged their zodiac signs which is only possible if Moon is in sign Aries or Scorpio ruled by Mars and Mars is in sign Cancer ruled by Moon. However, the third variety is not expected to be very effective one due to some inherent astrological defects imbibed in this variety which an able astrologer can only understand.

According to classic, this Dhan Yoga is formed if Moon is aspected by Jupiter. Remember, it is just a mere description of a kind of Dhan Yoga mentioned in classical astrological text which ought to have several variations and meanings which can only be analysed and properly understood by an able and apt astrologer. The result giving capacity of this Yoga and for this purpose for any Yoga directly related to the strength and favourable disposition of the Yoga constituent planets and that of Lagna & Lagna Lord. For example, in case of Pisces Lagna (Pisces Ascendant) if Jupiter is in Pisces and aspecting Moon in Cancer with Sun in Capricorn as well as Moon is surrounded by Venus and Mercury from two sides being in Gemini and Leo, the result giving capacity of Gauri Yoga is bound to be superb for the following reasons:-

(a)Jupiter (Karaka/natural significator of wealth) being Lagna Lord here for Pisces Lagna is in the Lagna in own house with directional strength and is, thus, strong enough to fulfill the promise to its fullest extent being one of the constituents of Dhan Yoga.

(b)Moon, the other constituent planet of this Yoga is in own sign and is in full strength being the Full Moon (Sun being in Capricorn is in 7th sign from Moon). It is again strong being in Subhkartari because Moon is surrounded by two natural benefics from two sides.

Such a strong Gauri Yoga if found in a Horoscope of a person can make him a billionaire. This is the way how a Yoga (planetary combination for wealth) should be analysed. Astrologer should not go vividly by the statement as given in the classical text but should apply their minds and thoroughly interpret a Yoga from different angles before giving any prediction.

A strong friendly planet preferably exalted should occupy Lagna and Lagna Lord as well as the lord of the Moon sign (Rashi Lord) should together aspect Lagna either from a Kendra or from the sign of a friendly planet.

Lagna Lord, Venus and Jupiter in mutual quadrants and simultaneously the ninth lord of luck and fate is strong give rise to this Dhan Yoga.

Apart from Dhan Yogas, the following components of the horoscope should also be very strong: –

(i) Strong Lagna & Lagna Lord, the main pivot of a Horoscope

(ii) Strong Second House & Second Lord of accumulation of wealth

(iii) Strong Ninth House & Ninth Lord of luck, fate and fortune

(iv) Strong Tenth House & Tenth Lord of Karma and Profession

(v) Strong Eleventh House & Eleventh Lord of gain and success

(vi) Strong and dominant Upachaya Houses (3/6/10/11)

(vii) Relationship through mutual aspect, conjunction or exchange of houses between the lords of 5th, 9th or Lagna with the lords of 2nd or 11th houses.

(viii) A strong Indu Lagna & Indu Lagna Lord

(ix) A strong Hora Chart

(x) A strong Dashamsha Chart

Mostly, the persons having Dhan Yogas in their horoscopes have also Raj Yogas (planetary combination for status) in their horoscopes as the wealthy persons command respect in the society,


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