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Kalasarpa dosha

What is Kalasarpa dosha?

In any native's chart, the remaining seven houses are in the clutches of Rahu and Ketu is called Kalasarpa dosha.

Savya Kala Sarpa Dosham:

From Rahu to Ketu all the houses are filled it is Savya Kalasarpa Dosham

Apasavya Kala Sarpa Dosham

From Ketu to Rahu all the houses are filled, it is called Apasavya Kala Sarpa Dosham.

In Astrological science, Rahu is termed as the Head and Ketu is termed as tail of Sarpa. The Vedic pundits terms that the Kalasarpa yogam is most dangerous one in ones life span.

In the natal chart from lagna to seventh house if this yoga is there the first half is more miserable and from seventh house to twenth house, the second half of the life is harmful. In the natal chart if other yogas are not there, the native will be jobless; habitituated to bad habits leads miserable life, unmarried. etc.,

If in the natal chart:

1. From Ravi is placed from Rahu in 8th house it is termed as Sarpa Dosha.

2. From Chandra to 8th house, Rahu or Ketu it is termed as Sarpa Dosha

3. From natives' horoscope, from lagna 6, 7, and 8 houses is Rahu is there it is Sarpa Dosha.

4. From lagna of either Rahu or Ketu are placed in Trokona it is Sarpa dosha.

Different Types of Kala Sarpa Yogams

1. From lagna to seventh house the planets are (Ravi,Chandra,Kuja,Budha,Guru,Sukra and Sani) are placed between Rahu and Ketu is know Ananta Kala Sarpa Dosham.

EFFECTS: Troubles in family life, and chronic health problems.

2.From Second house to seventh house if these planets are placed it is known as GULIKA KALASARPA DOSHAM

EFFECTS: Financial and domestic troubles.

3. From third house to ninth house, it is known as VASUKI KALA SARPA DOSHAM.

EFFECTS: Problems with brothers and sisters

4.From Forth house to tenth house, it is known as SANKAPALA KALA SARPA DOSHAM.

EFFECTS; Problems with mother, vehicles and at residence.

5. From Fifth house to eleventh house, it is known as PADMAKALA SARPA YOGAM.

EFFECTS: Problems with spouse/husband and with children.

6.From Sixth house to twelfth house it is known as MAHA PADMA KALA SARPA DOSHAM.

EFFECTS: Health problems, debts, problems with enemies.

7. From seventh house to lagna, it is known as TAKSHAKA KALA SARPA YOGAM.

EFFECTS: Loss in business and problems in matrimonial life.

8. From eight house to second house, it is known as KARKOTAKA KALA SARPA YOGAM.

EFFECTS: Problems with wife and accidents.

9. From ninth house to third house, it is known as SANKACHOODA KALA SARPA YOGAM.

EFFECTS: Problems with father, heavy bad luck etc.,

10. From tenth house to fourth house, it is known as GHATAKA KALA SARPA YOGAM.

EFFECTS: Problem in business and job fonts.

11. From eleventh house to fifth house, it it known as VISHADHARA KALA SARPA YOGAM.

EFFECTS:: Problems in financial business terms.

12. From twenth house to sixth house, it is known as SESHANAGA KALA SARPA YOGAM.

EFFECTS: Mounting expenditure and severe problems with enemies.

Note: For remedies please be in touch with our team

Remedial Measures for Kala Sarpa Dosha

Kala Sarpa dosha plays an important role in the native's life. If a native is under the influence of Kala Sarpa dosha, the native may face sudden rise and fall in the life. He faces most evil effects that may lead even to death. This dosha may cause the native to be separated from his family life, loss of huge wealth and fame, sudden danger to life, and even the native may also indulge in unlawful and unethical activities.

Kala Sarpa dosha is generally believed that one of the karmic dosha that may run across the generations. The best example to the best of knowledge is Jawahar Lal Nehru's family that we witnessed. A combination of remedies and ethical, simple living on the part of natives can overcome the dosha.

Regular performance of santi pooja on Shahsti Thithi and chanting the 108 names of Lord Nataraj and occasional visits to temples like Sri Kalahasti in Andhra Pradesh and Tirunageswaam may help the native.

A holy dip in river in Rameswaram and offer oblations to ancestors will help in removing the curses of piturs if that is the reason for the dosha running in the family.

Do not do any harm to snakes and other reptiles and chanting the names of 9 major dynastical heads of serpents 21 times on Shahsti Thithis will be a powerful remedy. Do leave a snake in the forests on Amavasya day. If possible, install a five-hooded Sarpa Raja made of silver, offer turmeric mixed raw rice, chant the mantras, and keep the same in Lord Subramanyeswara Swamy temple.

Worship of Maanasaa Devi is a powerful remedy for any dosha arising out of curse of serpents.

Other General Remedies

1. Japam has to be performed separately for Kuja, Rahu and Ketu.

2. Visit Rahu Temple situated In Tamilnadu Tirunageswram and perform milk abishekam in Rahukalam after performing this, visit Vaideeswaran koyal (Kuja Temple) and then Ketu temple in Peroambare and perform pooja.

3. It is advisable to visit Srikalahasthi, Andhra Pradesh, India and perform pooja for Kalasarpa Dosha Nivarana and perform Pooja to Goddess Gyana Prasunamba with kumkum.

4. Those who are not financially sound may perform pooja to Lord Subramaneswara Swami temple for a minimum of seven Tuesdays.

5. Ware a ring made of silver in the form of Sarpa. The same should be worn to the point finger. Purohits at Triambkeswar near Nasik are renowned for remedies to Kala Sarpa Dosha.

6. Wear Gomedika or Vaiduryam (cats eye) made of silver and wear the same in Middle finger.

7. Naga padaga made of silver and donate it to a Brahmin in Lord Siva Temple after performing Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam to reduce negative effects.

Perform Naga pooja

The following mantras have to be chanted for 21 days regularly

Om Aaathishesha naagaayanamaha
Om Avantha nagaaya namaha
Om Vaasugiye Namaha
Om Thatcha naagaaya namaha
Om Kaarkodaka naagaaya namaha
Om Padma naagaaya namaha
Om Mahaa Padma Naagaaaya Namaha
Om Sanka naagaya namaha
Om Kuiga nagaaya namaha
The idol of snake may be gifted with new clothes, betel leaves and other auspicious items to a Vedic Brahmin at the sixth consecutive Shahsti Thithi pooja will overcome all curses due to the Naga dosha or Kala Sarpa dosha.

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